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    The Legend of Korra - Pro-Bending Arena

    created by TheNerd on 2013.08.19

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    What is Cuusoo?

    LEGO Cuusoo is a site where fans can submit their ideas for LEGO products, once a project reaches 10,000 supports it is reviewed by LEGO and has the possibility to become a set.

    You'll have to create an account to contribute. Don't worry though, creating an account is easy, you can even use Facebook to log in! Once you've created your account, you can press the "Support" button near the top of this page, and we'll be one step closer to getting this project into the next LEGO review!

    But remember, the road to 10,000 supports is a long one and we can only achieve this goal by working together as a community. Make sure to spread the word, tell every fan of the Legend of Korra you know to support this project so that we can get a Legend of Korra set!

    The Legend of Korra is a sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender. The show follows the adventures of the young Avatar named Korra, who is Aang's successor. During the first season of Avatar: The Last Airbender, LEGO created two sets from the show; unfortunately the line wasn't continued beyond these two sets. However, with the introduction of the Legend of Korra we have another chance to get Avatar themed LEGO sets. The show is cleared for 2 seasons, each consisting of 2 "mini seasons" called books.

    The Pro-Bending Arena set would feature prominent features of the arena itself, as well as important characters. Characters could include Korra, Bolin, Mako, Tahno, Ming, Shaozu, and a referee. The set could include playable features such as throw-able balls of water and fire as well as launch-able rings of earth.

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