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    Bill and Ted: The Phone Booth Time Machine Project

    created by CalebPerry on 2013.09.05

    Main Section
    This is my first CUUSOO project and it is based on the 1989 movie. You can finally recreate the phone booth time machine. With the Back to the Future set on shelves and Ghostbusters is in review, I thought there should be another set based on a 80s movie. That is Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.The minifigures are Bill and Ted.This set would cost $12.99.The booth has a door that can open.You can put 2 minifigures in the booth.This has around 60 pieces.

    9/5/13-2 Supporters
    9/7/13-5 Supporters
    10/14/13-10 Supporters
    10/26/13-12 Supporters
    12/3/13-15 Supporters
    12/26/13-20 Supporters
    1/8/14-22 Supporters
    1/13/14-25 Supporters
    Update 12/3/13: At 20 supporters. I will update the phone booth and add Rufus in the set.

    Update 12/13/13: Around 50 supporters, I will add one of the historical people Bill and Ted take with them. That would be the final set. The final set will have 4 mini figures. The updated phone booth time machine that is taller and includes Rufus will be up soon.

    Update 12/26/13: I reached 20 supporters ! Thank you guys so much ! I am working on the updated version of this set should be up in a 1 week or 2.

    Update 1/3/14: Happy New Year ! I am almost done with the update so I will try to post the new pictures up here soon.

    Update 1/11/14: Update will come now at 30 supporters or before 30 supporters.

    Update 1/12/14: Update added ! I am still working on Rufus.

    Update 1/30/14: I found out that one of the Ghostbusters project passed review. So I say this should be a great set to go along with the set and the Back to the Future set.

    My other projects:
    The Bat Buggy Project (with Batman and Batgirl)
    DC Super Heroes: Nightwing's Speed Boat
    Batman: The Ultimate Bat Buggy Racer
    LEGO Hiking trail

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    The figures from left to right,Bill and Ted.

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