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    Batman: The red hood chase

    created by Jdoge on 2013.09.03

    Main Section
    Hello, this is my first project on cuusoo and I hope you like it and support.

    Stop red hood from getting away by demolishing the end of the pier with the bat dingy. Stop him by firing the flick misssile and make him plunge in to the water. But red hood got away in clay faces boat, fly green lantern to stop them before it is too late.

    This set should cost around £25 as it has 160 pieces, although this is a low count there are a lot of long plates and a big dingy piece so it is worth it.
    This set has four exclusive minifigures: The batman with the suit from 'batman begins', green lantern, clay face and Red hood. Batman does not have a cape, he has a back pack that keeps the cape safe as seen in 'The dark knight'.
    Batman has a batarang and red hood has a gun.

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    This set comes with a pier and a pile of rocks, four minifigures, a motorbike, clay face's boat and the bat dingy.
    The pier has an exploding feature at the end of it to send red hood up in the air and land in clay face's boat.
    This can be triggered off by the flick missile on the front of the bat dingy which can be turned. It also has a movable motor and a storage space for the batarang.
    The pile of rocks has a flick feature, when it is flicked some rocks come away from the structure.

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    I hope you like this project, please support and comment remembering house rules. Also if you have any suggestions on how I can improve this please let me know.
    Thank you.

    When we get to 100 supporters there will be a new play feature added!
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