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    Wipeout: The Overdrive

    created by WipeoutZone on 2013.09.06

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    "Now if you happen to stumble upon this page, you may be asking “What is Cuusoo?”

    Cuusoo is a site where people submit ideas for new Lego sets. If the project can get 10,000 Supporters then Lego will review the project. If Lego likes the idea, and can get permission from the IP holders, then they will create their own version of project and mass produce it to make it available to you.

    If you like what you see here, then please create an account and support this project! If you are really serious about wanting it then make sure to spread the word to other people who might support it as well." - Text quoted from jonsanpedro's The Iron Man Hulkbuster Project. Check it out here!

    This is a proposal to make the popular TV show, Wipeout, out of LEGOs. "It's simple! Enter on green, exit on red, don't let the sweeper bar go over your head!" -John Henson. This project would be based on an obstacle called "The Overdrive". It is basically a spinning platform that you have to jump on, avoiding the sweeper bars that try to trip you up. You can't let them go over your head, however, because then you are out. If you make it all the way around, you have to jump on one of three obstacles- The Banana Hammock, the Unstable Table, or the Green Big Ball.

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    This is the cover photo. I know, technically, the platform is supposed to be round, but do you know how HARD it is to make something ROUND out of SQUARE bricks? ;)

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    This is the set in its entirety. Contains two male contestants and two female contestants.

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    As you can see from the picture, the unstable table can tilt, and the banana hammock can, too.

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    Minifig Corner: Meet the minifigs.

    From left to right:

    1. "Padmé" Katie Garner- A Star Wars freak who is obsessed with the character of Padmé Amidala in Star Wars.

    2. "All Business" Riley Gibson- A self-proclaimed work addict who owns several businesses.

    3. "FireRock" Samuel Paul- A firefighter that enjoys getting his hair cut into a purple mohawk.

    4. "Mr. Fixity" Andrew Pierce- A car mechanic who loves to get his hands dirty fixing things.

    Thanks for looking at my project. As John Henson would say, Good night, and big balls! :D

    Project History:

    0 Supporters- 09.06.2013
    10 Supporters- 09.06.2013
    50 Supporters-09.20.2013
    100 Supporters-

    Thanks, guys! (And gals ;))

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