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    The Librarian, An Orangutan

    created by GlenBricker on 2013.09.06

    Main Section
    This is a project to create a small vignette showcasing the Librarian.

    It is based on the Discworld novels of Terry Pratchett and the art of Paul Kidby

    Usually the Creators of Cuusoo projects that reach 10,000 votes, and thereafter are selected for production by Lego, receive a percentage of the profits of a generated set. I will donate any proceeds I receive from this set to The Orangutan Foundation(minus any taxes I may accrue, We all know they are as inevitable as, well you know...HIM).

    So, if you love Discworld, or you love orangutans or just just want brown wings please vote for this project.

    Discworld fans may also appreciate my Discworld Project

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    Here is a better image of the Orangutan figure I have put designed

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    Here is a comparison to the fantastic Paul Kidby art from which I based my design.


    Isn't the Librarian in your other Discworld Project?

    Yes, Yes he is. I respect that although many people can appreciate that a large Lego Turtle is awesome, that actually owning it might not be for everyone. Offering the Librarian independently will possibly appeal to a larger section of the Discworld Audience who can see the value in having a small Librarian look over their Library of Discworld books.

    You can't do this! The Librarian belongs to Terry Pratchett and the art was done by Paul Kidby?

    Yes, of course I have no right to the Librarian. The way Cuusoo works is that this is a vote in campaign. If you like the idea, you can support it. If it gets enough support Lego will review it for production. At that stage they will contact Pratchett and any other parties needed to be contacted and work out a Licensing deal. Of course if Pratchett says no, then that is the end of it.
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