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    Kerbal Space Program - Kerbal X

    created by TheNerd on 2013.09.17

    Main Section
    Manufacturer: TheNerd's Junkyard and Model Rockets Co.

    "The Kerbal X is one of the most successful rockets that can be ordered from a catalog. Despite the original design having been meant for a plastic model, it's proved itself quite dependable as a full-sized craft.

    The X is capable of achieving orbit around Kerbin, and even features a very optimistic set of landing legs on its upper stage.''

    Contains possibility of official set!
    Required resources:
    - 10,000 supports

    LEGO Bricks: Lots
    Flags: 1
    Z-MAP Satellite
    Minifigures: 3 (Jebidiah Kerman, Bob Kerman, Bill Kerman)


    Now that all that official stuff's out of the way, thank you for supporting this project (if you haven't, go do that)! This project will be continually updated with things like designs for a Jebidiah minifigure, and much more. Also, make sure you lend your support to the other KSP projects on CUUSOO:
    TheNerdyOne's "Mun or Bust!"
    OverTheHill's "Kerbal Space Program"
    Auron_Shale's "Kerbal Space Program"


    What is Cuusoo?

    LEGO Cuusoo is a site where fans can submit their ideas for LEGO products, once a project reaches 10,000 supports it is reviewed by LEGO and has the possibility to become a set.

    You'll have to create an account to contribute. Don't worry though, creating an account is easy, you can even use Facebook to log in! Once you've created your account, you can press the "Support" button near the top of this page, and we'll be one step closer to getting this project into the next LEGO review!

    But remember, the road to 10,000 supports is a long one and we can only achieve this goal by working together as a community. Make sure to spread the word, tell every fan of the KSP you know to support this project so that we can get a KSP set!

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    Kerbal minifigures are in the works (I have something special planned), and will hopefully be up shortly. If you have any suggestions or criticism please let me know in the comment section!
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