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    Wipeout: The Board Game

    created by WipeoutZone on 2013.10.02

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    "Now if you happen to stumble upon this page, you may be asking “What is Cuusoo?”

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    DISCLAIMER: ALL of the images here are NOT rendered. Sorry for that inconvenience. I will render them and post them in the near future.

    This is a proposal to make a LEGO board game out of the popular American TV show, Wipeout.


    The object of the game is to get through the entire board with the least time possible. Each player starts out with a time of 3 minutes. The players roll the number die to see who goes first. There are two die: The Number Die and The Special Die. The special die has six different sides: The "Go to an obstacle" side, which allows the player to go to the obstacle of choice. The "Add Five seconds" side, which adds five seconds to the player's time. The "Subtract Five Seconds" side, which subtracts five seconds from the player's time. The "Go to first obstacle" side, which forces the player to go to the first obstacle. The "Go to last obstacle" side, which forces the player to go to the last obstacle, and finally, the "Wipeout!" side, which forces the player to wipe out on the next obstacle they come to. More will be explained about this side later.

    So after it is decided who goes first, the number die is rolled, and the player moves the amount of spaces shown on the die. Scattered across the board are "Special Die Spaces". If a player lands on a special die space during his/her turn, they must roll the special die.

    When a player reaches one of the five obstacles, they have two options--One, they can skip the obstacle, or, Two, they can go for it. Skipping the obstacle adds 30 seconds onto the player's time, but, if the player wipe out on the obstacle, he/she must add 60 seconds on their time. However, if a "Wipeout" was rolled on the special die before they reached the obstacle, the player has no choice. They must wipe out.

    Each obstacle has a certain amount of time that can be subtracted if the player is successful. From front to back: The Smack Wall: 10 seconds. The Sucker Punch: 20 seconds. The Big Balls: 30 seconds. The Panic Hammocks: 20 seconds. The Trampoline Sweepers: 10 seconds. When a player decides to go for an obstacle, they have two rolls of the number die. Depending on the obstacle, the player must roll less than a certain number for the said obstacle. For the Smack Wall and Trampoline Sweeper, that number is 10. For the Sucker Punch and Panic Hammocks, that number is 8. For the Big Balls, that number is 6. If the player can roll under these numbers with two rolls of the die, they subtract the said amount of time for the obstacle. Otherwise, they "wipe out" and add 60 seconds to their time.

    When a player feels good about his/her time, they tell the rest of the group that they're going for the finish, and they spend the rest of their turns getting to the red finish platform. A player cannot go on another obstacle after telling the other players that he/she is finishing. The other players have ten more turns each, and then, they too, have to head for the platform. However, while they are going, they can ignore the special die spaces.

    When the other players reach the platform, the players will compare times, and whoever has the least time wins!

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    These are the first two obstacles--The Smack Wall and Sucker Punch. Unlike my other projects, they don't actually move. They look pretty, though, don't they? ;)

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    These are the last three obstacles and the finish platform. The only thing that can move here is the motivator.

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    The game in action.
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