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    Club Penguin: Hollywood Party

    created by _Rockhopper_ on 2014.01.09

    Main Section
    You can bring the fun back from the Hollywood party into this set! This set will include one penguin, and a red carpet. This set is based of the Club Penguin party in 2013. ------------------------------------------------------------------What is Club Penguin? From Wikipedia: --------------------------------------------------
    Club Penguin is a massively multiplayer online game (MMO) involving a virtual world containing a range of online games and activities, created by New Horizon Interactive (now known as Disney Canada Inc.) using SmartFoxServer.[1] Players use cartoon penguin-avatars and play in a winter-set virtual world. After beta-testing, Club Penguin was made available to the general public on October 24, 2005[2] and has since expanded into a large online community —growing to the extent that by late 2007, it was claimed that Club Penguin had over 30 million user accounts.[3] As of July 2013, Club Penguin has over 200 million registered user accounts.[4]
    While free memberships are available, revenue is predominantly raised through paid memberships which allow players to access a range of additional features, such as the ability to purchase virtual clothing, furniture, and in-game pets called "puffles" for their penguins through the use of in-game currency. The success of Club Penguin led to New Horizon being purchased by The Walt Disney Company. (This is not to be meant as a series.)

    Thanks For your support!
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