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    Spider Class II Mars Walker

    created by makeloa on 2013.10.18

    Main Section
    Why is 8 legs better than wheels? Well here is your answer is legs can go where wheels can't.
    Why for the rotating solar panel than a flat solar panel? Well this can follow the sun the other can't.
    If you think i missed something leave a comment.
    im always upgrading my Spider working on 2 winches to help with high peak of
    Mars(fires two harpoons to the highest peak of mars and pulls itself to the peak
    and when needs to get down targets the low ground for a slow zip line.)
    Of Course Imagination required

    Spider Class II Mars Walker

    !. 2-enclosed motherboards
    1a. Motherboards are manual only needs another drone/robot to side
    motherboards in and close protective coverings
    2. solar panels that follows the direction of the sun and closes at night
    2a. 1 motor to turn the solar panels
    3. 8 reinforced armored covered leggings for Mars harsh weather
    3a. 8 Motors to turn each gear for the 8 legs
    4. 8 power battery packs
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