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    Space Defense! (The Mars Battle)

    created by Ultralight on 2013.10.29

    Main Section

    SD: Small Speedster!
    SD: The Hardsuit!
    SD: Commando Dropship!
    SD: Nexon Dreadnought!
    SD: Battle Tank!
    Space Defense Universe: Nexon Mech!

    Collaboration Notification! This project is a collaboration between Ultralight and

    This is Space Defense, (SD).
    It's story:

    How it all began

    “Hey Garret, do you see that?” Garret: “What?” Ben: “That shape, right there. That is not an asteroid!” Garret: “What in the world…?” On the orbital Pluto observatory, the Astronomer, reports were sent in of a black, object coming in at high speeds. Based on the distance, this unidentified object was reported to roughly be the size of Hawaii. At its current speed, it was said this would reach the Solar system in 2 weeks.
    The year was 2241. Humans had really begun to reach out to the stars. Colonies had already been made on the moon and were even being built on the moons of Jupiter. Mars had been terra-formed, and Giant, floating colonies had been built in various parts of the solar system, such as Saturn and Uranus. Large voyages were already being sent off to exoplanets, which would take hundreds of years.
    As far as was known, there weren’t any intelligent species other than Human. Search for intelligent life had been made, but had failed.
    In case this object was a threat, preparations were made all over the solar system by all space and military organizations. They built huge, inefficient Space Navy ships in a scramble for time and found high-ranked pilots. Ships and mechs were then positioned all over the inner system, ready to battle.
    The ship had arrived at the asteroid belt. All video screens were taken over, including the cellular network, the internet, and all holo-screens with one message:
    We are the Nexons. Surrender your planet earth, for it has been claimed by the Nexus. You have four earth hours to abandon earth. That is all.
    The Space navy ships launched, and a ferocious battle was fought near and on mars. A giant missile launched by a large black ship named the Splinter later hit mars, and left a huge crater, later known as Craxon.
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    The Splinter, a Nexon dreadnought.

    Space Defense was formed to protect the solar system from future alien threats, not only from the nexons, but from possible Extra Terrestrials that now seemed plausable. They were given the top technology, including the fastest stardrives, 10-story tall mechs, and super-strong hardsuits!
    The solar system would be protected for quite some time, but it wasn’t known what would happen in the future.

    More will be added at 50 supports.

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    NOTE: THIS IS NOT A PLAYTHEME. Each set will be made a separate project. If this project reaches 10,000 supporters and passes the review, this set would be made. If the others reach 10k, who knows what will happen. So, this is not a "theme", going against Cuusoo's rules. I'm fine if there is only one set made, and the main set shown will be that set when this reaches review.

    If you really want this to get to 10k, Please support, like, tweet, and tell others in any way!
    Please check out the other sets below, more are currently being made! Only one vote can be made per person, so please tell others!

    Thanks! Please support this and the other SD projects, they really need it!

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    Project history:

    Released: 10/29/13
    1000 views: 11/26/13
    50 supporters: ???

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    an SD pilot and two blue commandos.

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    This is my small speedster. You can support it here.
    It all consists of only 51 pieces!
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