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    Chocolate Bars

    created by TnT54 on 2013.11.25

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    C'mon, you knew this was coming...Ok, maybe not. To be fair, I did say besides me making my HF and GL projects, I was going to throw in some "random" stuff! Well, this is the first of them. Chocolate bars! No, it's probably easy to guess that these are based off of Hershey's Milk and White Chocolate candy bars. But, just in case Lego can't make a deal/agreement thing with Hershey's, than they're just "normal" chocolate bars. And if anyone said anything about these being based on Hershey's, then I have no clue what your talking about! ;)
    So, that's it. They're just chocolate bars. One white and one milk chocolate. 17 pieces each, 34 in total. Each is only 2/3 brick high. See what I'm saying here? They're just chocolate bars! So, if you love chocolate=support! If you just think that these look like chocolate bars=support! If you like me (:P)=support! If you just like supporting things=support! If you don't like supporting this anyway! :D

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    This is just the milk chocolate bar. Hmm, this makes me want some chocolate now!

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    And here's the white chocolate bar. I actually used the "normal" white and the "off" white as well to give it that white chocolate look. I don't know, white chocolate color is a hard thing to pull off unless the individual bricks have multiple coloring to them.
    So yeah, that's about it for this one. Nothing special. HOWEVER, the next projects that I'll submit will be great! Well, in my opinion anyway. Yours is a different subject.
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