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    Space Defense: Nexon Splinter! (Dreadnought Class)

    created by Ultralight on 2013.11.28

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    Collaboration Notification! This project is a collaboration between Ultralight and JEwing613

    This is the Nexon Splinter Dreadnought from the Space Defense universe.

    The cyborg Nexons prize this dreadnought, as it is one of the quickest, biggest, and powerful ships in the fleet. It has two Nexus engines, a large missile (on top) and a large nexus cannon in-between the wings in front.

    It's known by the S.D. forces to be sleek, deadly, and fast. it also has a tremendous amount of firepower, including its deadly cannon on top. When this dreadnought was first encountered, it was not known that the small ships on the sides were separate vehicles. They went in for the kill, and got surprised by the ships when they detached and destroyed their engines. They were destroyed by the dreadnought afterwards.

    On the sides you can see the two awesome little fighters that disconnect from the main ship, with a whopping three nexus cannons. When they are connected with the ship, however, the main pilot takes control of their firepower. Includes 3 minifigures!

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    Thank you! More images will be added soon!

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