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    LEGO Sports, Bowling Edition

    created by MikeGeorge on 2013.12.23

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    This is a simple aim and flick game I created. The goal was to make a classic Bowling alley lane that could also be a playable game. I love the LEGO sports and so I've been trying to create more. Bowling is the least complicated however getting a strike has proved challenging. I'm working on a new way to shoot, either pinball style or just a way to roll it that may be more effective.
    I think this set could be built to link to other lanes as well as a snack shop and seating area that would replicate an actual Bowling Alley. One nice feature is that the back of the lane opens up to easily recover the knocked over pins. Resetting the pins hasn't been difficult and for a child with smaller fingers I imagine it would be even easier. My bowling lane has already provided a lot of fun for me and my wife. I look forward to your support.

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