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    Power Functions Tower Crane

    created by pontwander on 2014.01.06

    Main Section
    Use the power functions tower crane to lift and carry loads at the city building site. With the remote control and foreman ready you can lift up to 250 grams of Lego over 1 metre from the ground. Rotate your load into position with the motorised turntable before switching the gearbox to drive the trolley and traverse your load along the jib. All clear below, then lower away.

    Demonstration Video


    Power functions remote control, IR receiver, 2x medium motors and battery box

    Motorised 360 degree rotating jib arm, trolley traverse winch and crane hook winch

    Tilt indicator

    4 mini figures crane driver, foreman and 2x ground crew

    Apartment building section

    Mini digger and tool shed

    Safety barriers and hand tools

    Height 155cm (working height 125 cm)

    Length 129cm (working length 75cm)

    Width 42cm (base)

    Maximum Lift Range

    100 grams (43 off 4x2 Lego bricks) ( max working length 75cm)
    250 grams (107 off 4x2 Lego bricks) (max working length 35cm)

    Requires 6x AA and 3x AAA Batteries

    Bricks 1650 approx.

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    My name is Alan Cookson I am a forty year old father of three from the UK and also a huge fan of Lego.

    A friend explained to me one day his theory that my generation (40 year olds) were now the toy designers, designing toys they dreamed about as kids. He told me that I had to wait for me to grow up to really get the toys I wanted as a child. The toys available to my children are exactly what I wanted when I was nine. The Lego Millennium Falcon and plastic guns that fire foam darts 40 yards being two very good examples.

    A remote controlled tower crane was missing from the list, until now.

    The inspiration for the power functions tower crane came from the "Lego Movie" poster which showed Emmet the movies hero on a backdrop of huge red and white tower cranes.
    As soon as I saw them I recalled the Lego city set 7905 building crane. Could a real Lego crane be as big as the "Lego Movie " cranes and motorised ?

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    The crane took me about three months to build and is made up of four very separate structures, the base, the tower, the machine head and the jib.

    The tower needed to be as rigid as possible but I was desperate to keep it as thin as possible to keep the aesthetics of a tower crane. The tower also need to be locked together in 3 planes X,Y an Z to ensure that it could only break apart if a brick broke. The centre core of the tower as it is now, started its life strapped on the outside during early building but it just didn't look good. I managed to keep it at 6x6 all the way up and when assembled it really is an invincible piece of Lego although I have done no destructive testing it is on the cards, when I can bring my self to push the crane that far.

    The machine head needed to house two motors, two winches and the turntable. I used a 4x6 turntable which was built in upside down. Motor one drives a screw which moves around the turntable ring gear. Motor two drives a gearbox, gear one operates the trolley winch, gear two operates the hook winch. The first machine heads I made were too big and too ugly I have spent more time here building than any where else on this model. The deflection in the Lego turntable was a quite an obstacle to over come. I eventually built two opposing platforms to share and then displace the load as evenly as possible.

    For the Jib I wanted to include girders as they ran through the tower and provide a triangular feel to an otherwise square piece. There are two adjustable counter balance weights which house up to 4 train weights each. The trolley traverse is done via a preloaded string running once around the winch before attaching to opposing ends of the trolley. The hook string is statically fixed at the end of the jib runs through the trolley and hook block and then back to the winch. At the top of the mast is a very simple tilt indicator. A Lego pendulum points down to coloured grill tiles in the centre of the tower allowing for simple adjustment of the two counterweights.

    A few things extra, some grey ladders to scale the side, 8 train weights for the counter balance(only have 3), some black string, 8x technic beams in yellow for the base and there's a few other bricks here and there which are not colour perfect.

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    I hope you like it and thank you very much for looking, if just one person clicks the support button Ill be over the moon....truly.

    You tube video link.

    Please feel free to ask any questions about this project.

    Alan Cookson

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