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    LEGO Holiday Farm

    created by zacmp123 on 2014.01.13

    Main Section
    The LEGO Holiday Farm lets your minifigures relax, but also lets you build a great LEGO set and see all the hidden things on the Holiday Farm.

    It includes:
    A holiday house with a croissant and two drinks
    A campfire
    2 big trees (one at the front left, with leaves fallen on the ground; one at the right back)
    A patch of land where potatoes, carrots and sprouts grow
    A patch of land where other things grow
    2x boxes (one with a carrot in it)
    A bicycle used to take things to the markets (with 2x 100 dollar bills)
    A horse
    A couple of flowers in the garden
    A fireplace (with 3x little bits of fire)
    A fire lighter and extinguisher
    2x minifigures (1x boy, (with short legs) 1x girl (with rake/pitchfork)

    There are no custom pieces, but there are a lot of rare pieces in this set

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    This picture part of the tree (on the far left), the campfire, a bicycle with its basket and the house.

    Inside the house it shows the croissant and drinks, a chair and in front of the chair is a fireplace.

    NOTE: Half of these pieces you would only find in one other set
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