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    Lego Princess Universe

    created by trenskow on 2011.12.22

    Main Section
    Today there is not a whole lot of Lego for girls, and my daugther likes to play with it, but she does not like the current Lego for girls. The only thing on the market at the moment is Belville

    I would suggest to make a new series for girls from 5+ in normal lego blocks.

    The series should include:
    - Different figures of princesses
    - Lego princess castle in different sizes
    - Dragons with caves/hideouts
    - There should also be lego cars for girls.
    - Plus everything else needed to be a princess :-)

    The princess Lego figures should have different dresses that you can put on them, so that the girls playing with it, can change the dresses. Maybe also hair and accessories for the hands.
    So a single princess can have diffent dresses to choose between. So you change them by taking the head of the figure and place a new dress on her neck, and then place the head back on.
    In the same way that some figures have different thins to put on the back.

    This suggestion is from my 5 year old daugther who have recevied a Lego calender this christmas. She loves to put it together, but when i asked her what she would wish for if she could decide what kind of Lego she could play with, this was her suggestion.

    The pictures used for illustration is old or current lego, and is only for illustration.
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