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    Legopolis (Ancient Greece and/or Rome)

    created by Spiderpudel on 2012.01.01

    Main Section
    It would be fun and educating to have a line of Ancient Greek or Roman sets. It could be like LEGO® City, but with ancient designs. You'll find some ideas in my flickr account. (I can only upload 5 pictures here, so you'll find more there.)

    As LEGO has already released a gladiator will release a Sea God (Poseidon?), a minotaur and a Roman soldier with the collectibles, I see potential for more ancient minifigures and accessories.

    There could be nice female (!!!!) hairdos with curly hair and hairbands. Also longish, curly hair for the Greek hero would be nice.
    And a Socrates like beard.
    White and purple (senators') togas for men and nice long dresses for women.
    And chariots...
    And slaves... (not a nice concept, slavery, but they were culturally and economically essential back then...)

    It would also be an opportunity to have another set with those 2x2 round stones used in the Atlantis sets for columns.

    Possible Sets:
    * Attack of Troy (with Trojan Horse)
    * Meeting with Socrates
    * Family Life
    * The Forum (like the Medieval Market Village): with a temple, a taverna, a slave trader, latrines and more!
    * The consul's wife goes to town (a sedan with two slave carriers and the lady inside, maybe two bystanders)
    * Horse race at the arena (chariots, horses...)

    Ideas for new parts:
    * amphora (see below)
    * musical instruments: lyra, pan pipe (see below), cornu (see below)
    * 2x2 tile with abacus print on it (for school or market scenes)
    * hairpiece for the emperor with laurel twig in it OR single laurel wreath to clip on the hair piece like with the cave women from CMF (see below)
    * eagle for building a standard or for architecture (like the bat, but in eagle form)
    * white toga pieces (like Lady Liberty, but white) for Roman ladies, senators and statues
    * grapes in white/lime and dark blue


    PS: mminnit has a related project with a military focus: http://lego.cuusoo.com/ideas/view/9068

    2012-02-14: 50 supporters. Yeah! (It's not much, but I'm happy to have passed the 50 mark.)
    2012-04-14: 100 supporters. Double-yeah!
    2012-07-22 200 supporters. C'mon, that's only 1/50. But thanks to all who have supported so far.

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    Project image shows one possible set: The inside of a Roman villa or domus - triclinium (=dining room). (The slave holds the amphora from the above image.) It would look even better if there were grapes (coming soon, I hope).

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    A sedan to carry the senator's wife or the senator himself around through the filthy streets of Rome. Would come with the senator's wife and two slaves. About 63 pieces. Would cost around 9,99 € or 14,99 €, I guess.

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    Another set: An oil mill (trapetum). Coming with two slaves. It would be about 14,99 € - 19,99 €, I guess. The shutter can be closed, as you can see on this image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/spiderpudel/6934312746/in/photostream

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    Grapes - yummie! Cornu - a Greek/ Roman horn. Used in battle. Pan pipe - another Greek/ Roman instrument. Laurel wreath to be clipped on or used as an award for victors in games or wars.
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