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    Lego Theatre Set

    created by jimmygiggle on 2012.01.11

    Main Section
    I have designed the basic shell for a LEGO Stage and Theatre to satisfy the craving for a proper, fully operational stage. As I do not have the available LEGO pieces to complete this prototype, I have drawn out a basic layout.

    We all love to make movies with our Lego bricks. The Lego Theatre would be a unique experience for children and adults alike. Designed around your basic Proscenium arched Stage, it has been designed with an almost Puppetry feel where one can operate the levers and pullies from above, just like a puppeteer, which would be great for filming Lego home-movies whilst cutting out some of the stop-start nature of that. Your film projects can run smoother when one is, quite literally, "Pulling the strings". By adding on a Fly-Tower above the stage, string, Fly-bar and a crank, one would be able to Lower in sets from above with ease.
    With detachable pieces and room for add-ons, such as Fly Tower/bars and Scrolling backdrops, the Lego Theatre could have great potential for additional sets such as, but not limited to;
    Orchestra Pit
    Dressing Rooms
    Auditorium seating and VIP Balcony
    Set/Prop/Costume Workshop
    Front-of-House Foyer

    The Minifigs it could come with include -
    Diva - with large bouquet of flowers
    Artistic Director - with beret
    Theatre Ghost - with cape and mask
    Stage Manager - with headset
    Costume Seamstress
    Stage Crew
    FOH Ushers

    Colour scheme would most likely be plain black, but could be changeable with tiled pieces.
    I would suggest to include blank Backdrops so people can design their own backgrounds on the same material as any supplied options.

    Soon you could make your own Phantom of the Legopera!

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