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    Airbus A320

    created by mapimi on 2011.10.05

    Main Section
    Since I have been building lego aircrafts, I needed a lego airline (Thus I created Nova Airlines). I try to make realistic looking aircrafts, so here is my model of the Airbus A320 (a popular single aisle aircraft). This model is equipped with 6 seats (2 Business-4 economy), has 4 doors (and 4 over wing exits), retractable landing gear, a cool cockpit, an underbelly luggage compartment and much more. It is pictured here with the new sharklets which will be equipping the 320 family starting next year.
    For more info, check out: http://www.mocpages.com/moc.php/274511.
    For this model in other real airline colors: http://www.mocpages.com/moc.php/282838

    I think that sums up the model.

    I think lego should make more airport/airplane related sets, and that they could also add in details. So this project would be cool for a number of reasons:
    1) Everybody likes planes, kids (and older kids like me) are always at the windows of airports checking them out.
    2) Adding more details could mean a more relating experience (not only will the model be more realistic, but it will depict something you have flown in)
    3) Most lego themes have existed in different levels of realism. Lego airplane sets have shifted from small sets to bigger more expensive sets, sadly the lower priced one no longer exist. By creating a more realistic middle priced set range, the less expensive sets could return as small regional jets.

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    Here's one of the versions I have created in real life (I currently have 3 built). This model has the more conventional wingtips and a different door design.

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    Details of the main retractable landing gear, thanks to a very easy to use system. The front wheel also retracts, but the system had to be different, I won't say anymore, you can check my website for more details.
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