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    Pirates vs. Ninjas Chess

    created by MasonAllen on 2012.02.07

    Main Section
    Finally, a battlefield where Pirates and Ninjas can settle the score once and for all! Pirates Vs. Ninjas Chess!

    (More images and MOCs to come! I own several pirates but no Ninjas yet!)

    Breakdown of the chess pieces:

    Pirate Pieces (White)

    Pirate King- Pirate Captain complete with hook-hand, peg leg, and parrot.
    Pirate Queen- Pirate Woman with an eye-patch, long black hair, cutlass and flint gun
    Pirate Bishop- Scruffy pirate with an eye-patch, three-cornered hat, and double cutlasses
    Pirate Knight- Scruffy eye-patch pirate with three-corner hat, flint gun, and cutlass riding a white horse
    Pirate Rook- Pirate with blue bandana, flint rifle, and spy glass atop a mini crow's nest
    Pirate Pawn- Basic striped-shirt pirate with knife

    Ninja Pieces (Black, of course!)

    Ninja King- Sensei complete with hat, mustache, and cane/bowstaff
    Ninja Queen- Kimono Girl with weaponized fan and umbrella OR Pink or red female Ninja with 2 mighty ninja weapons (not sure yet)
    Ninja Bishop- Red Ninja with double katana blades
    Ninja Knight- White Ninja atop black horse, complete with katana blade and pike
    Ninja Rook- Blue Ninja Atop a tower wielding a bow and throwing star
    Ninja Pawn- Black Ninja with Nunchucks

    Thank you for your support!!! Please comment with suggestions!

    This will make an epic set!

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    A proper chess board. The spaces are 4x4 wide. I used smooth flat 2x2 tiles to give the board a nice smooth look. The minifigures will be mounted on special minifigure base plates or something similar so they don't fall over too easily. I will have to figure out a way to make a smaller horse because the standard minifigure horse is too big for the current space size on the chess board.

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    Pirate King and Queen
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