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    Realistic trees

    created by Paultox on 2012.02.12

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    Ever wondered why LEGO-trees are so small compared to the minifigure? Well, I do.

    I live in a very green city with a lot of trees, but the LEGO city barely has any tree. With these realistic trees, you can make you city a much greener place for your minifigs to live in. These trees do also look great with other themes for instance Castle.

    Trees are lovely, they have different colours (especially in autumn) and shapes. Look around and see for yourself. Wouldn't it be great to capture this beauty in an official LEGO set? You could also add educational information about the tree in real life - for instance height, colour, Latin name, origin - something like a variation on the Architecture series.

    I propose a set with one large summer tree, which can be build in several ways to create a different kind of tree. You could think about adding leaves in different colours to change the tree from summer to autumn, winter of spring.
    Watch the 'how to build' video at YouTube to learn how to build one of them! (Video in Dutch with English subtitles in annotations)

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    Red beech or Fagus Sylvatica. Looks beautiful in any castle garden or estate.

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    A swing and birdhouse can be added to the large summer tree to add play features .

    Please visit my project page on Facebook and Flickr photostream to find other, smaller trees like the birch and a poplar. And please share this project with your friends to gain more support!

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    Congratulations on 1,000+ Supporters!


    Congratulations on all of the supporters! Your tree models are lovely and detailed. We like how you have shown detail in the trunks by using log bricks and slopes, and by rotating the branches. We agree that it would indeed be cool to decorate one's diorama with larger trees in various colors.

    We wish you the best of luck on your journey to 10,000 supporters!

    The LEGO CUUSOO Team

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