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    Food Truck

    created by SpacySmoke on 2011.10.09

    Main Section
    UPDATED August 27, 2013!
    - All new build! Check out the new play features and more realistic details! Thanks to everyone who supported this project so far! I appreciate it!!

    The Project:
    The gourmet food truck scene has exploded in recent years, so why not let our Lego minifigures get in on the action? This model is based on a typical American food truck, in a basic "vanilla" configuration. However, the truck could potentially be made in any color to reflect the colorful, customized food trucks seen in real life.

    About the Build:
    The design is based on one of the first new age food trucks in Los Angeles, the Kogi truck, which makes Korean barbecue tacos and burritos (delicious!), but it's really basic enough to be any food truck. It was designed to fit in with official Lego City vehicles, thus the 6-wide build and use of mudguards. The build itself is a bit more complicated than a typical City set, but not any more difficult than say, a Winter Village set and could easily fit under the new Creator Expert line.

    Features of this build:
    - Detailed serving counter with snacks, drinks and water/coffee dispensers!
    - Detailed kitchen with sink, prep area, flat grill, and storage space.
    - Characteristic food truck details, such as the skylights and vents.
    - Easy to remove roof allows access to the interior!
    - Swing out the side wall to turn this truck into a mini playset!
    - Seats one driver.

    Progress Report:
    February 17, 2012: 100 Supporters! Yay!
    December 6, 2012: 500 Supporters!
    September 2, 2013: 1000 Supporters!
    February 5, 2014: 1500 Supporters!
    Thank you all who have supported the project so far!

    BIG thank you to GlenBricker for his help promoting this set on his site! Be sure to visit his webpage and check out his own CUUSOO projects!
    GlenBricker's Review

    LEGO CUUSOO Staff Pick of the Day for August 22, 2012! (@LEGO_CUUSOO)

    Additional images on my Flickr stream:

    If you like this project, then please check out my other project, an American-style Type-III Ambulance:

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    The food serving side of the truck has a side panel that swings open to reveal the serving counter and display case.

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    The rear of the truck is realistically detailed.

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    The roof is removable and the side wall swings out to increase the play area. You can also remove the roof above the driver for easy access.

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    Get your Lego food truck crew ready! Prep the food! Grill that meat! Serve the hungry customers!
    Set could include a section of sidewalk where customers can line up.
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    What's not to love about this little gourmet food truck? Now Minifigures can enjoy the delights of on-the-go Korean BBQ tacos, specialty hot dogs, fired chicken and waffles, and homemade ice cream (although maybe not all together). The customization on this model is endless!

    Good luck as you drive toward 10,000 supporters!

    The LEGO CUUSOO Team

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