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    Bricked Core

    created by Midir on 2012.02.16

    Main Section
    Bricked Core meshes together two of my favourite things in the world, FromSoftware, Inc.'s decade spanning Armored Core, and, of course, LEGO.

    Unfortunately Bricked Core only exists as an idea at the moment due to a lack of bricks and money on my part, however, please take a look at my three design goals below:-

    1) Play
    You should be able to play with LEGO! Too many amazing models are let down by the fact you can't play with them, or even touch them for fear of them falling apart. All BC are reinforced as well as they can be, and should handle a fall or several.

    2) Pose
    Articulation is awesome! BCs are jointed, hinged and turntable'd wherever possible. The model pictured has joints in the ankles, knees, hips, waist, head, shoulders, all designed to hold a cool stance.

    3) Parts
    Customisation is key! Each major part in a BC is able to be swapped out for another including the head, legs, torso, arms (each individually) and back. Not only does this mean if you don't like a part, you can make your own, it also means that you could buy specially designed addon parts individually.

    So that's that. I will be adding more images to better illustrate my points as time goes on, and hopefully cook up some more cool designs to show you, enjoy!

    EDIT 17/02/12: Thanks for the support and comments so far! I have updated the splash to look a bit more professional, and also added images of the first option part, wheeled legs!

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